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The perfume created to raise money for breast cancer research.

"Because ... everyday is a Blessing"

Scents-N-Things is proud to announce their newest creation "Blessings".

"Blessings" is $23.95 per bottle. With each bottle sold $3.00 will be donated to breast cancer research.

A custom made pink ribbon pin with a stone at the crossover is attached to each bottle and is a gift to you from parfumerier Linda Ross. Each pin is a reminder of the importance research is to each one of us. It also serves as a reminder to count our "Blessings" every day.

"Blessings" is a beautiful modern fruity oriental with Jasmine and Lily of the Valley. "Blessings" top notes are amber, musk, sandalwood and vanilla that combine together for a deliciously warm invigorating aroma.

Remember, for each bottle sold our company will donate $3.00 to breast cancer research.

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Due to health regulations, Non-hard products such as perfumes, lotions, gels, etcetera, will not be taken back or refunded by Scents-N-Things.


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