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Wouldn't you like to purchase all of your favorite designer colognes for the affordable price of $23.95? Why pay for the high costs of department store prices and celebrity endorsements when you could purchase the same thing for a "fraction of the cost"?

Our site was created to give you an in-depth glance at the industry of fragrances. Sit back relax and begin to experience this fragrant trip of choosing the right fragrance for you at an affordable price.

Scents-N-Things Parfumerie...
We develop the finest recreations you will find on the market today. With over 20 years experience we have the most pleased repeat customers in the industry. As new colognes are introduced, our parfumerier is busy at work developing the same fragrance for you. Our pledge to you is "Fine Fragrances at a Fraction of the Cost."

Designers secrets…
Making perfume is one of the inexpensive parts of the fragrance industry. The best perfumes only cost $1.25-1.55 an ounce to manufacture. So why are you charged so much for it at your favorite department store? Simple, the price of advertising through famous names is expensive; therefore the cost is passed on to you the consumer. Endorsement fees have skyrocketed with the popularity of each celebrity endorsing a product. Advertising on television and in magazines is also a large part of the price you pay for colognes-- $.40 of every dollar you spend is put into advertising. We can't forget how much it costs to keep the big department store up and running on a daily basis. By going around all of these prices and purchasing Scents-N-Things products you eliminate those costs.

The birth of a fragrance…
Most of the fragrance houses are in Southern France around Greece. The year-round temperature and the humidity are perfect for growing the natural flowers essential in producing the oils used to create all the different fragrances. After it is poured into 55-gallon drums and shipped all over the world to chemists they begin the "creation" of your favorite scents. This process depends on the perfect "nose" who may use as many as hundreds of different ingredients to create one scent. After the process is complete, it is presented to the designer to choose his or her favorite from samples they have created and viola, the fragrance is chosen. The ingredients are then shipped off to bottling plants to be bottled and packaged in special bottles the designer has chosen to be exclusive.

Our formula…
United States law states that a fragrance cannot be patented. Using a good "nose" it is a simple process to recreate a fragrance. Scents-N-Things uses only natural oils to create our products; the same thing the designers use and purchased from the same fragrance houses in France. All of our products are packages in re-cycled plastic and glass. Therefore from time to time you may see a bubble in the glass but that is only to let you know that you are helping to save the environment.

The right decision…
You are making a very smart decision to purchase Scents-N-Things products. We use the same oils and ingredients that designer companies use. However we don't have the cost of advertising endorsements, department store costs and packaging, so the savings are passed on to you the consumer.

Our goal…
We are striving to make your purchase the best decision you can make when purchasing colognes. We know you will be satisfied with the product. Scents-N-Things has been in business for over 15 years. Our best form of advertising has been a satisfied customer. We hope you will be one too!


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